The Medi Shop is your gateway to Australia’s best quality products from leading, world class brands.  Our range includes products supporting aged care, disability, recovery and rehabilitation, hospital, medical and diagnostic and clinical needs.

Our Origin

This site is fully owned and operated by Atticus Health, an award winning medical company, based in Victoria that owns and operates medical clinics and a comprehensive Aged Care GP Service.  Atticus Health is run by a dedicated team of doctors, aged care specialists, nurses and admin staff.  To learn more about Atticus Health, please see www.atticushealth.com.au or click on the logo below

Our Purpose

The proceeds of sales from The Medi Shop go towards supporting and funding the Mobile GP project.  Atticus Health itself is the other major sponsor.  Mobile GP is an Australia wide free social service which aims to increase access to a regular home visiting GP for elderly or disabled patients who are relatively homebound.

Presently, in Australia, it is exceedingly difficult to find a regular home visiting doctor during the day and therefore many of these truly needy patients suffer.  The mission of Mobile GP is to change this about our healthcare system, for good.  You can read more about Mobile GP by clicking on the logo below or go to www.mobilegp.com.au

Our Promise

We strive to provide the best possible solutions to suit your needs and that of our patients, residents and their families.  If required, a qualified local GP will be able to assist you and answer any questions you may have.

Quality, detail and your requirements matter.  Let us help you choose the right product.  And, by purchasing from The Medi Shop you are supporting an important and worthwhile cause.  Thank you.

Call or email us today and we will be happy to help with your order.

The links between Atticus Health, The Medi Shop and Mobile GP are in keeping with the ‘B Corporation‘ movement, balancing purpose and profit.  Atticus Health is a certified B Corp.